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GEARSTORM is a detailed, militarized science fiction sandbox simulator in which players cooperate and compete to colonize and fortify their positions on a hostile alien planet. GearStorm takes place on an huge, open, procedural, and entirely destructible world. Here players can advance and customize their technology to improve their chances against each other and the Phage – a deadly nano-virus that is decimating human population.

DETAIL GearStorm will not attempt to have the best, most realistic graphics or spend millions on the best  sound effects and celebrity voices. Instead we are investing in depth and having more things to do in the world and more things to change, make, and build.

TOTAL CONTROL GearStorm gives the server admin/gamemaster total control over their server. Admins can teleport, spawn things, ban people, fly, build infinitely, make quests and missions, control all the attributes of the game on their server like weapon damages and ranges.

QUALITY We believe in performance and quality above all functionality.  That’s why we chose the Unreal Engine and why we extensively play test at scale.

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